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Grigory on working for Nochlezhka

- What are you by training? 

- I have a degree in economics. I graduated in 2001 from St. Petersburg State University and then worked at a bank and a few companies in marketing and as a brand-manager.

- How long have you been working for Nochlezhka? Why did you start working here? 

- Since 2009. Back in 2004 I think, I started volunteering for Nochlezhka, within the Night Bus Project.

I did not feel the need to help the homeless specifically, but I really wanted to help those who get little attention. Had I not come across Nochlezhka, I think I would have volunteered for projects providing assistance to prisoners and the mentally ill.

At some point I realised that I was no longer interested in working for a commercial company. I wanted to do a job which would have more meaning. Nochlezhka happened to be to be looking for a coordinator for its Heated Tents project and this is how I ended up here. One can come a long way getting on a Night Bus.

I generally take injustice badly and the situation in which a homeless person finds themselves is a case of outrageous injustice, injustice squared and cubed. Society pushes them away and, what’s more, thinks that homeless people choose this life for themselves. One cannot help feeling empathy when one sees how absolutely lost these people are: they have no relatives, they have no home, and what’s worse, they have no hope.

- Why do you keep working for Nochlezhka? 

- It makes me feel less awful when I wake up in the morning.

- What do you do in your spare time? 

- I climb, read books and watch films. I am also very keen on sleeping.

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