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Handout Point

Free clothes, shoes and toiletries


clothes, shoes and toiletries

12.00 p.m. – 2 p.m.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

About the Handout point

One needs warm clothes to get through the winter and a shirt and a razor to go to a job interview. That is why there is a handout point at Nochlezhka where anyone can get some clothes, shoes, toiletries, metro tickets and an old mobile phone. All these items are handed out in a separate heated building in Nochlezhka’s courtyard at 112B, Borovaya Street. Every weekday, except for Thursday, from midday till 2 p.m. volunteers hand things out to people in need on a first-come-first-served basis.

Every day 50-70 people come to the handout point. Organising this process is not an easy task and it is done entirely by our volunteers. They sort the clothes out and organise all garments by size and type, arrange toiletries, phones, metro tickets and passes donated to the charity. They also keep a database where they register what every particular person was given. We keep such a database to distribute all free items evenly among people in need and prevent any abuse of trust.
Since 2017 our handout point has been run by 30 volunteers. They hand out clothes, make sure everything stays tidy and in order, let us know if there is a shortage of certain items, sort out clothes, organise deliveries from Spasibo! charity shops and even schedule the shifts for volunteers.


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