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Sharing experience

We have gained an immense amount of experience over the 29 years and we share it with other organisations which help the homeless

Sharing and disseminating our experience we help homeless people all over the country

Why We Do It

People from other organisations and volunteers often contact us and ask various
questions about our work: how to start a Night Bus in one’s city? Where to begin to open a Heated tent for the homeless? How to defend homeless people’s right for work and shelter?

To facilitate and optimise such consultations we prepared some information materials where we tell people about our experience and posted them on our website. We want to help as many people as possible all across the country to efficiently help the homeless and, as a result, bring more people back to stable lives.

This project is useful for Nochlezhka itself: we constantly analyse our work and are able to improve it. It is also important to preserve the knowledge gained by experienced members of staff to move forward.

How It Works

Our experts consult their colleagues and activists who ask for advice, organise workshops and webinars, prepare guidelines which summarise their experience.

The coordinator of this project regularly prepares an analytical newsletter for their colleagues helping the homeless across the country.

Other projects

Raising awareness

Raising awareness about homelessness, spreading the word about Nochlezhka’s activities and fund-raising for our social projects

Shelter for homeless

The biggest shelter in the city at 112B, Borovaya Street

Halfway home

A rehabilitation programme for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction

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