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Fighting homelessness, helping the homeless

Co-funded by the European Union


St. Petersburg and Moscow



Fighting homelessness, helping the homeless

Homelessness is a complex global problem and it requires a number of approaches. It occurs because many people cannot afford housing, do not have a job, receive low income, or as a cause of various reasons. Homelessness is a problem surrounded by myths and stereotypes, it affects society. It creates an economic and social downturn.
Homelessness is the extreme of a much bigger social issue in Russia. Getting an accurate picture of homelessness in Russia is extremely challenging due to lack of reliable statistics.

Neither there are a Programme on reduction and prevention of homelessness nor a clear plan for homeless people assistance. It is difficult to build efficient and sufficient support systems in the absence of reliable statistics.

However, according to the estimates done by independent experts about 1-1.5 million people are homeless in Russia. These estimates have helped to identify several relevant problems to address within the frames of the “Fighting homelessness, helping the homeless“ project and respectively to contribute to awareness-raising of decision-makers, public opinion and civil society about the situation of homeless people in Russia.

Key activities

The project will run in several directions: 

· provide social and legal assistance to homeless or those who may become homeless and are in a difficult situation; 

· conduct 4 sociological studies on various aspects of homelessness with the involvement of professional research institutes; 

· study the European experience to tackle the issue, as well as invite EU experts to participate in associated events. 

In addition, a special programme will be created on prevention and reduction of homelessness in Russia. Also a number of activities are planned, aimed at strengthening cooperation between civil society organistions (Non-profit organizations) and government agencies and authorities, designed also to strengthen the CSO network itself. 

Co-funded by the European Union 

Key information

48 months
St. Petersburg and Moscow    
Implementing Partners «Nochlezhka»

Help Nochlezhka

Projected results  

More than 3,000 people will receive qualified social and legal help, and 350 people will receive long-term support from specialists of the Consulting service annually.

16 trainings will be held for employees of specialized organizations for more than 20 colleagues to participate from specialized for homeless people organizations. 4 international conferences will be held for minimum 100 participants each, representing at least 15 regions of the Russian Federation. Throughout the project, specialists of Nochlezhka will give more than 600 consultations to employees of more than 150 NPOs from all over Russia.

Total Project Budget - EUR 397 223 

EU Contribution - EUR 310 550

*6% of Nochlezhka's total budget planned for the selected period of the project

Nochlezhka is the oldest and one the most professional social organizations in Russia supporting homeless people. Over 9000 people receive different kind of support within Nochlezhka’s programmes annually. They are also working to help change the situation of homeless people in Russia sharing almost  30 years’ experience with colleagues from other non-profit organizations all over the country, working  on decrease of stigmatization of homeless people. 

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