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Russia’s oldest charity providing assistance to
homeless people   

But actually, the most difficult thing is to stop taking drugs. But I have managed to do that. I have been clean for 2 years and 7 months.
Nochlezhka helped this young woman get vital treatment and find a stable job. Notalia is doing well now. She is working and renting.
When Gena was 10, his mother went out shopping and never came back. His father took to drinking and sold the flat. Gena ended up homeless. Gena went through a rehabilitation programme at Nochlezhka to overcome his addiction and is currently trying to get a passport and all the other crucial papers he has never had with the help of Nochlezhka’s social workers.
Nochlezhka’s lawyer is helping Tatiana get her passport re-issued after her relatives declared her dead. Without a passport, the woman cannot get the necessary treatment or continue with normal life.
Slava’s mother died, he was brought up in an orphanage and afterwards lost his property through a fraud and became homeless. Thanks to Nochlezhka, Slava did not stay on the street, he found a job and is currently setting up his independent life.
No registration means no secondary school diploma or medical insurance. Without insurance and registration, they might not even give your baby to you at the maternity hospital. Nochlezhka helped Katya with her papers and with getting the housing she was entitled to by law. She is living there with her two children now.
Dmitry came to Nochlezhka when he had nowhere else to go. He spent three weeks at the shelter, then found a job at a factory and moved to a rented room.
Nochlezhka for 29 years of its work has helped thousands of people. Watch the video about our main projects, we are proud of our work.

We help the homeless

Homeless people find themselves on the streets as a result of family conflicts, fraud, unemployment or health issues.
These people need help. More about the homeless

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You can help too

We will gladly accept

— food that requires no cooking
— toiletries
— monthly public transport passes and metro tickets

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We need money to:
— rent our premises and pay for any renovation works
— pay our staff
— buy food and medications

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Cafes, bars, hostels and shops

Any public places can install
Nochlezhka’s donation box

Your visitors will be able to
donate any amount of money
to support Nochlezhka’s projects

Advertising agencies, publishers, BTL-agencies

can help by
— printing posters and leaflets
— providing billboards for posters
— designing social advertising campaigns 

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