We do more

In order to bring back hope to the homeless people

We do more

Делаем больше
“We do more” is a winner of a social advertising competition that Nochlezhka launched on June 7th, 2023 together with a creative industries school mads; the authors of the campaign are Yulia Alekseieva and Evgenii Bahurinskii. The social advertisement tells that not only does Nochlezhka make warm, give food and shelter, but it also helps return to the ordinary life thanks to the systematic and comprehensive support. Social workers, lawyers, and psychologists help people socialize, restore their documents, execute their rights, get medical help, get a job, get a profession – and escape from the vicious circle of troubles that homelessness is.

The guys totally got the brief both thematically and meaningfully – to change the perception of Nochlezhka from a charity that provides only the humanitarian aid to a charity that helps comprehensively. Visually, the layouts go beyond the borders of the standard forms of the outdoor advertising.

“An idea of an outdoor advertising that goes beyond the forms came up almost immediately. When I started making a list of aid that Nochlezhka provides to the homeless people, I realized that it was impossible to use only one sheet of paper. And it was when this idea appeared,” saya Yulia Alekseieva.


Thanks to Yulia, Evgenii, and mads school for such a cool experience and collaboration. The total number of applications was 55, and we thank all the participants for your interest! Thanks to Sunlight Outdoor operator for the provided placement.
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