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About working with volunteers

Throughout Nochlezhka’s existence, over 1000 people have volunteered for the charity in one way or another. Many of the volunteers have become members of staff.

The Night Bus project is almost entirely a volunteer project, where volunteers feed people in need. Only the driver of the bus and the project coordinator are employed by the charity. However, every single one of our projects would be impossible without the help of our volunteers.

Over time our charity has completely changed its approach to volunteering. Nochlezhka now welcomes not just people who are willing to help give out food or clothes but also professionals who offer their services: translators, designers, editors, programmers, PR-people, lawyers, doctors and psychologists.

In order to help by providing your professional skills free of charge, you need to dedicate no more than 5% of your time.

The coordinator sends out a list of jobs and errands the charity needs help with on a weekly basis and publishes urgent jobs on social media.

There is plenty of work for volunteers. Write us at to contact coordinator, then he invites you to Nochlezhka to tell you about what we do.

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