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Counselling Service (Moscow)

Free professional social and legal support for homeless people. The Counselling Service has existed since 1990


+7 (499) 322 04 27

Free of charge

to all needy in the order of turn

About the Counselling Service 

Why we do it 

Homelessness is a complex issue and solving it requires an adequately comprehensive approach. One person needs help with re-issuing his papers and find a job, another one with getting a medical treatment, yet another one with finding his relatives and going back to his hometown, a fourth one with challenging a fraudulent transaction… Getting back to a stable life is nigh on impossible without professional help. Our experts help people who are on the brink of homelessness not to cross that line and those who are already in trouble to resolve the problems that led to their situation. Unlike governmental institutions we do not check the person’s last registered address and what their nationality is. We help everyone we can help. 

How it works 

People come to the Counselling Service with various questions: how to get employed without registration; how to get mandatory medical insurance; how to challenge a fraudulent transaction and get their property back; how to get one’s papers re-issued and get the required medical treatment.

Sometimes one consultation is enough but more often people need more serious help. Then our social workers and lawyers start a long process: they fill in application forms and requests, look for jobs, help the people sort out their papers, accompany the people to various institutions and sometimes even represent them in court. It is all done case by case.

Our work is organised in such a way to help people solve the problems which have led them to homelessness. We also help people improve their living conditions: apply for retirement or disability benefits, find a job, register as disabled.

At our Counselling Service people can also get some clothes, food, toiletries, crutches, a mobile phone, metro tickets and other useful things donated to Nochlezhka.

The Counselling Service Results for 2020

Social consultations

486 consultations

Legal consultations

82 consultations 

Phone consultations

 386 people

People come to the Counselling service every day

 40-60 people


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