Night Shelter

A modular building for 40 people, with a shower and a mini laundrette


About the Night shelter  

Why we do it

One needs to sleep somewhere warm and safe to have the physical and mental energy to try and get off the street. Every night spent on the street takes the person further away from being able to find a job and reintegrate into the society — one can get beaten up and lose their papers, their health deteriorates, one loses self-esteem and stops believing in oneself. That is why it is so important that there is a place in any city where anyone can spend a night free of charge, without any certificates or papers.

How it works

Our Night shelter is a one-storey modular building with a capacity to accommodate up to 40 people, where anyone can spend a night in safety all year round. There will be two showers and a toilet equipped for people in wheelchairs; a laundrette with three washing machines and three tumble dryers. There will also be an attendant who will help a newcomer and refer them to one of Nochlezhka’s professionals: a psychologist, a social worker or a lawyer. The building is near the Obukhovo metro station, at 8, 9th of January Avenue. The shelter was opened in the summer of 2019. To begin with, it only had a composting toilet but by the end of the year we are planning to connect the building to the city’s water supply system and sewage so that people can have a shower, wash their clothes and use a more comfortable toilet.

Operation costs of the Night Shelter

Accommodation for one person

424 rubles

One day

16 271 rubles

One month

494 912 rubles

One year

5 938 942 rubles

Project statistics in 2022

Every night in the Night Shelter spend the night

40 people

In 2022 project assistance received

658 people

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