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Employment by STONE HEDGE

STONE HEDGE is Nochlezhka's key partner in Moscow




till the end of 2022

Employment by STONE HEDGE

Expected project’s outcomes:

Employment procedure for homeless undergoing rehabilitation is divided into several steps. First, the employees of the Nochlezhka hold a consultation with our client to determine his request. Then they help to recover identity documents, provide a client with a temporary shelter in a hostel until first salary is received, match appropriate vacancies and prepare him for an interview.

As for STONE HEDGE it provides an individual approach to a candidate and helps to adapt to a new job. In case there are no relevant vacancies candidate’s info is placed into an applicant’s database to be further reviewed for more promising positions. Several more people will be interviewed in the near future.

Each participant of the program requires an individual approach, attentive attitude and support, therefore, at the first stage of the partnership program, it is planned to employ 4-5 people a year. Besides STONE HEDGE will send 20 million rubles to Nochlezhka by the end of 2022 to support Nochlezhka’s Moscow projects. Besides STONE HEDGE will send 20 million rubles to Nochlezhka by the end of 2022 to support Nochlezhka’s Moscow projects.

"Also caring about corporate social responsibility, it was important for us not only to launch the program, but to make it well designed and systematic so that it becomes an integral part of company’s business process” - says Anastasia Malkova, STONE HEDGE managing partner.


STONE HEDGE group specialises in the development and management of residential and commercial real estate in Moscow. Throughout its 14 years of operation, STONE HEDGE has gone from an investment fund to a full-scale development company. Today STONE HEDGE provides a full pack of real estate services from site analysis, concept development, design and construction of real estate property to its sale and operation. STONE HEDGE has been building conceptual residential and commercial real estate in business, premium and deluxe segments since 2011. In 2019 company has launched an umbrella brand STONE by Stone Hedge to build class A office centers in Moscow.

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