Street Exit

Going out of the street - help homeless people to leave the street behind

Street Exit

Выход с улицы
Together with the Friends Moscow agency, we have prepared stickers with calls to help homeless people and QR codes that lead to the Nochlezhka website. Signs «Going out of the street - help homeless people to leave the street behind»; «Don't wait - sign up to help people without a home right now»; «People without a home are counting on themselves and you». Stickers «Help me get off the street» will appear on thousands of doors in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The Friends team found a great way to play up the metaphor of getting off the street through this slogan which people will see on the doors. So once again we want to say: it is possible to get out of the street, but a person always needs help to do this. Any institution can receive this sticker and place it on their door: to do this, you can write to us or leave a request on the project page. We will leave the link in the first comment.

At Friends agency, we strive to create projects that change a cultural norm. Changing long-standing negative attitudes towards people without a home is a long journey and a challenge for more than this one campaign. Initiative «To Get Off the Street» is just the beginning of our cooperation with Nochlezhka. «It's cool to realize that the responses began even before the official start of the campaign: many institutions and cultural institutions instantly agreed to post stickers.”says Yulia Andriyanova, creative lead at Friends agency.

The Center named after Vs. Meyerhold, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, University of Creative Industries «Universal University», British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow School of Cinema, Moscow School of Music, Game Development School «Scream School», «MARCH» Architecture School, «ARTPLAY» Design Center, «Trajectory / B-Shop», «Birdie» salon, «Zoe Moscow» salon, «Lush» cosmetics store and MTS company will place stickers on the doors in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Full list of participating institutions on the project you can check on the project website.

We are grateful to the «Friends Moscow» advertising agency for the development and implementation of the idea. Also, many thanks to all institutions that participate in the promotion.


Благодарим рекламное агентство Friends Moscow за разработку и реализацию идеи. Также большое спасибо всем заведениям, которые участвуют в акции.
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