Different way home

Every person has one’s different way home. The main thing is that this way exists

Different way home

Разный путь домой
  • When

    July 2022

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    Free of charge

Nochlezhka сharitable organization together with Sunlight Outdoor advertising agency and Luch advertising agency launched a social advertising campaign "Different Way Home".

Banners with photos of Nochlezhka’s clients and slogans about one’s way home were placed on media facades near the Third Ring Road in Moscow. These slogans are about those who are just looking for a way home, the campaign itself is addressed to those who go home literally - along one of the main metropolitan highways.

The Third Ring Road is the main motorway of Moscow, 35 km long. Tourists who arrive at Rizhsky and Savelovsky railway stations go to the hotel along the Third Ring Road, and residents of eight metropolitan administrative districts go to their country houses. Every evening, thousands of drivers return home from work via the Third Ring Road. Homeless people are also looking for their way home - but their speed is slower than that of bus and taxi passengers. This was emphasized in the name of the campaign - "Different Way Home".

The idea was developed by Luch advertising agency, Nochlezhka's longtime friends and partners. Places for outdoor advertising were provided pro bono by Sunlight Outdoor agency. We have chosen four slogans, the meaning of which is clear both to a person on the street and behind the wheel: “The speed of returning home is different for everyone” "The road home may have pits and patches" “Sometimes it takes longer to get home than a traffic jam on the Third Ring Road” “The wrong exit can lead you astray”

“This is our first ad made specifically for Nochlezhka’s Moscow office. It's great that our friends from Luch agency came up with a language in which, through the habits and behavior patterns of drivers on the Third Ring Road, one can talk about homelessness without causing a painful feeling. The main message is that homeless can be helped. This is one of the main messages that we convey through our work”, notes Ksenia Solodova, Nochlezhka’s project coordinator.

“We were very inspired by location and opportunity to tell how different the way home can be. The idea was based on insights familiar to drivers of the Third Ring Road: endless traffic jams, different speed limits, unexpected pits and patches, multiple interchanges that can take you astray at the wrong time. We have been friends with Nochlezhka for many years and have seen inspiring stories of homeless people returning to normal life and their homes. Of course, everyone has a different way home. The main thing is that there are those who help to master it with minimal traffic jams”, says Ekaterina Volkova, Luch agency creative leader.

“I really hope that this touching ad will not leave anyone indifferent, and the number of donations to the charity project will grow,” says Natalia Valieva, Sunlight Outdoor General Director.

According to client data from Nochlezhka's Counselling Service, the average experience of being homeless in Russia is five years. Someone spends a couple of days on the street, someone stays for decades. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get home. The main thing is that there is a way. Photos on the ad banners: Katya Zykova, Maria Gelman, Artem Leshko, Gagik Yeghiazaryan.


We would like to thank our friends from Luch advertising agency for developing the idea of ad campaign. We are also grateful to Sunlight Outdoor advertising agency for provision of media facades free of charge.
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