Help without a stop

The bus with the doors always open

Help without a stop

Помощь без остановки
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    From September 2022

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    Free of charge

Nochlezhka with Kollegi agency started the social advertisement to the anniversary of the Night bus.

The night bus project turned 20 years old in 2022. Banners with photos and slogans appeared at public transport stops in St. Petersburg. They told passengers of city routes about the bus that goes on a flight to save the lives of homeless people.

There is a bus waiting all day…

The bus with the doors always open. 

Sometimes a bus is not only a bus, it is a salvation ...

If this bus is late, it's still on time...

On the banners, citizens saw pictures of famous Russian photographers: Maria Gelman, Vladimir Averin, Pavel Volkov and Ekaterina Zykova. Venues for Nochlezhka were provided free of charge by the advertising operator Reklama-center.

“The Night Bus, like city buses, has its own stops in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Therefore, we came up with the idea of placing posters where passengers are waiting for transport, so that St. Petersburg residents learn about the project and the work of Nochlezhka org. Slogans and visuals will allow citizens to relate their experience to the experience of those people who come to the Night Bus parking lot for food. Thank you very much for the idea to our old friends – the advertising agency Kollegi,” says Ksenia Solodova, project coordinator of the charity organization Nochlezhka org.
What comes to mind when we hear "Night Bus"? Operates around the clock, a special night route? ... But in fact, thousands of nights stand behind this, 20 years of helping the homeless and needy people. We hope that with the help of this campaign - we will be able to introduce someone, and remind someone once again about such an important and necessary of the projects of Nochlezhka org.,” says Vyacheslav Nabokov, creative director of the Kollegi agency.
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We thank the advertising agency Kollegi for developing the idea and the advertising operator Reklama-center for placing posters on the streets of St. Petersburg.
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