Marble people against hearts of stone

Action in Peterhof and the Summer Garden to support the homeless people

Marble people against hearts of stone

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    19 сентября 2013 года

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On September 19, 2013, in the Summer Garden Nochlezhka org. held an action "Marble people against hearts of stone". It was held to support of the homeless people: nobody - more than statues - know everything about life on the street. Just like the homeless, the statues have no other home - but streets and parks, no other roof - than the open sky.

On that day plaques with the "direct speech" of the stone inhabitants of St. Petersburg appeared in the Summer Garden. On the plaques, the statues addressed citizens: “It's easier to stand on the street - than to live on it”, “An art is protected. A man - is defenseless ”,“ Even statues wintering under a roof ”,“ Not to be indifferent - is a real art ”,“ When people cry for help - even a stone will speak ”and others.

A year later, a similar action took place in Peterhof. "Talking sculptures" could be found in the Upper and Lower parks of the museum-reserve. On the plaques will be written appeals of the statues to the citizens: "Fate, like marble, can crack", “An art is protected. A man - is defenseless," They come to look at marble people – and turn away from the living people" and many others. Nochlezhka org. is trying to find extraordinary ways to draw people's attention to the problem of homelessness, especially on the eve of cold weather.

“The statues, like the homeless people, are always on the street, always under the open sky. Only everyone goes to look at the statues, and everyone turns away from the homeless people. We decided that the “marble citizens of St. Petersburg” could tell people that the homeless - need help", - explains Dmitry Makarov, creative director «Great».

“Reminding citizens about the problems of homeless people in summer is much more difficult than during cold season. Therefore, we are especially grateful to the advertising professionals who have supported us for several years. Advertising on the city streets will help Nochlezhka org. to attract funds for the operation of our rehabilitation shelter and new volunteers in our ranks,” says Grigory Sverdlin, director of the «Nochlezhka».


Акцию «Мраморные люди против каменных сердец» на волонтерских началах разработало и воплотило рекламное агентство Great, давний друг Ночлежки.

Рекламные площадки бесплатно предоставили агентство Poster и Реклама Центр.
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