This is not forever

Like all bad things, homelessness must end

This is not forever

Это не навсегда
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    March 30th, 2023

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    Free of charge

This is not forever

The annual Day of the Homeless takes place on March 30th. In 2022, the concept of home has changed for many people, and homelessness has affected everyone at different levels. In difficult times, it is important to stay together and hope for the best. On this occasion, in cooperation with Great Advertising Group, we wanted to remind everyone that all bad things must come to an end, and homelessness is not forever.

Day of the Homeless is a day to fight stigma and stereotypes. It is a good opportunity to remind ourselves and the people around us that homelessness does not define a person. It only describes the situation in which any of us can find ourselves. It is important to see real people behind their misfortunes. Those who need support and help. Notice those from whom everyone has turned away.

‘This is our seventh year of Day of the Homeless. The concept of home for the Nochlezhka team has always been something bigger than just four walls and a roof over the head. It is a state and a feeling, it is the support of people, it is the backbone that does not allow something inside you to break. Last year forced us to face with new circumstances that seemed to have no end. But we learned to believe that if we help each other, all bad things eventually come to an end, and so homelessness does. We offer to see behind each person not a problem, but a story; not a reason to fear, but an opportunity to help,’ says Danil Kramorov, the director of Nochlezhka.

Day of the Homeless was first held on March 27th, 2017, initiated by the Nochlezhka, the Nuzhna Pomosh foundation and the Takie Dela portal. In 2021 the event has a fixed date - March 30th.


We sincerely thank our longtime friends from Great Advertising Group for the idea development and creative freedom. We thank our information partners of the event who placed the campaign on their resources on March 30th. We are very happy that together we can talk about the problem of homelessness and fight against stigma.
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