Taste the city

Taste the city

Какой Петербург на вкус?
  • When

    June 21 - November 30, 2022

  • Price

    Free of charge

Together with the "Golden Tigers" creative bureau, we created a special cocktail menu for the restaurant "Entrance from the street".

Top bartenders of the city came up with signature cocktails based on St. Petersburg associations. From June 21 to July 1, we held a vote in which we proposed to choose what is most associated with your favorite city: “Meet Uncle Misha the trumpeter”, “Meet the Hermitage cats”, “Walk through the yards half of the center”, or “Pretend to be a schoolboy on Scarlet sails (Alye Parusa).

Based on the results of the voting, real masters of cocktails have made their own signature drinks. Artur Frolov, co-founder of the company and the production of DIKIY sparkling kvass, Stephen Sharma, co-owner of bolshoybar, Anton Levshenkov, senior bartender of Branch Garage, Lenore Bilyk, managing partner of Terminal BAR, and Artem Peruk, founder of El Copitas Bar, took part in the project.

On July 29, we made a presentation of drinks at the "Entrance from the Street", and the authors of the recipes gave a master class, where they told how exactly the ingredients turn into a cocktail association. We conceived all this to attract attention to the restaurant and invite new people. The more visitors come to the "Entrance from the Street", the more people will be able to get help at Nochlezhka. It's great that there are formats that allow us to combine business with pleasure, and even in the context of thoughts about our beloved city.

“For us, the Entrance from the Street project is special. It was necessary to stay within a small budget, combine online and offline formats in an interesting story. A difficult challenge and the perception that you can really help someone, have powerfully included the whole team in the work. We really want the "Taste of Petersburg" story help someone to find out a good restaurant, to disembosom for good social projects,” says Ekaterina Ivanova, creative producer of the Golden Tigers bureau.

Follow the link to see the composition of cocktails and enjoy the white nights of St. Petersburg https://tastethe.city/


We would like to thank our dear friends from the "Golden Tigers" creative bureau for developing the campaign. Also we thank the authors of the cocktail menu: Artur Frolov, Stephen Sharma, Anton Levshenkov, Lenore Bilyk and Artem Peruk. We also say thanks to the partners of the party-presentation of the new menu: Power of the Wind, SHU, Citymobil, Samokat, Rooffest, Museum of Soviet Slot Machines. The campaign has received the following awards: - nomination for the award what's and where to eat in St. Petersburg, the best restaurant's event management - G8 Creative Industries Festival Shortlist
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