Pavel Lyaks

Employee's information

Pavel on working for Nochlezhka

- What did you study and what did you do before you came to Nochlezhka?

I had a degree from the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University. I came to Nochlezhka as a volunteer, took part in a few campaigns and events, helped the charity to deliver bread for the homeless from Bushe and helped the social service: I accompanied our clients to governmental institutions and answered questions over the phone, etc.

They then offered me the job of a social worker and I gladly accepted it.

- Why did you come to Nochlezhka? Why did you decide to help the homeless?

One often hears that homeless people only have themselves to blame, although very often it really is not the case. But even if some of these people are partly responsible for their situation, it does not mean they should be deprived of their civil rights and denied help.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what rights they have and how they can exercise them. One of our missions is to tell them and help them make sure they receive what they are entitled to by law.

I work for Nochlezhka because it is very important to me that my job should mean something, that it is of use to others and satisfying for myself.

Also, it’s great when your colleagues understand you and share your beliefs.

- What do you do in your free time? 

In my free time, I make music, I like travelling and seeing my friends.

All our employees used to be volunteers.

You, too, can volunteer or work for us

Volunteers — common people,
who devote part of their spare time to helping those in need