Andrey Chapaev

Employee's information

Andrey on working for Nochlezhka

- What did you do before you started working for Nochlezhka 

- I am a trained social worker, and I even wrote my thesis on Nochlezhka. After University, however, I worked in a different field – in logistics. A few years later I started looking for a job and sent my CVs out. I was contacted by Nochlezhka and invited to join the Night Bus project. It took me a while to make a decision, almost half a year, because I realised that this work would change my life significantly. It implied a very different schedule and a very different level of involvement. As a result, I have been the coordinator of this project since the end of 2007.

- Why do you keep working for Nochlezhka?

- This is my dream job, how else could it be? I listen to my friends complaining about the jobs they don’t like, the jobs they do out of necessity, about competition and how people can’t work in a team… We have an amazing team. I am not disappointed I what I am doing, I believe in it.

- What do you do in your spare time?

- I like travelling and I make music.

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