In our shower anyone can take a shower as well as wash and dry clothes free of charge no documents required



How it works

In our shower for homeless, located next to the warming centre, anyone can take a shower free of charge, no documents required, as well as wash and dry clothes.

Our shower for homeless is located near metro station Ploschad Muzhestva, next to the Heating centre on Kushelevka (Polytechnicheskaya st., 11B). This is a place where anyone can take a shower and wash and dry their clothes.

The warm, 24 square meter room has two showers and two toilets. One of the blocks with a shower and a toilet is specially equipped for visitors with limited mobility, it can be used by people who use a wheelchair. There are also two washing machines and two dryers in the shower room.

5-6 people can use the shower in one hour, making it 35-40 people in one shift. The laundry department is designed for 12 washes in one day. The shower is open from Tuesday to Saturday. On these days, everyone who needs to take a shower and wash their clothes can come here without documents and absolutely free of charge.

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the city, at the entrance of the facility there is an operator who measures the temperature of all visitors, and in the waiting room they give out masks, gloves and disinfectants. All doorknobs are treated with an antiseptic every hour, and so are showers and toilets after every use. After a shower, everyone who is waiting for the end of the laundry is given a clean, disinfected robe.

The cost of one day of work of a shower facility is 6,168 rubles, a month of work sums up to 129,533 rubles. The opening of the shower facility was made possible thanks to the support of our friends and donors. The company Navigator-SBS performed the design and construction of water supply and sewerage networks for free. SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” provided access to the networks, carried out a certification of the networks and other technical procedures free of charge. Construction hypermarket chain Leroy Merlin provided materials and furniture for free. The Secours Populaire Francais Foundation (SPF) has funded the construction of a ramp, porch, drainage and gateway, as well as interior fittings and sanitation.

Operation costs of the Neravnodush

Take a shower, wash and dry clothes for one homeless person

285 rubles

One day

5 973 rubles

One month

122 941 rubles

One year

1 475 293 rubles

Project statistics in 2022

Can take a shower per day

35-40 people

Number of washes per day

12 washes

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