Night Bus

Every weekday the Night Bus sets off to give out free hot meals and clean clothes and help hundreds of homeless and poor people


About the Night Bus

Why we do it

Going back from the street to a stable life requires a lot of effort. So, for a start, homeless people need to eat, otherwise they simply will have no energy to get their papers re-issued and work. Generally, thousands of people in St. Petersburg live below the poverty line. These are lonely elderly people, temporarily unemployed people, and families with many children. We believe that there should be no starving people in our city. 

How it works

A specially-equipped van goes to remote districts of the city five days a week and makes four stops to distribute hot meals, toiletries and clothes among the homeless and the poor. Professional doctors volunteering for the projects provide primary medical services, and the driver tells homeless people that with the help of Nochlezhka’s experts they can solve social, legal or medical issues, overcome their addictions and eventually go back to normal life. About a quarter of the people using the Night Bus are not homeless but simply poor.

The timetable

• 19:00 - 19:30 end of Agatova lane (Agatov pereulok)
• 20:00 - 20:30 Behind Ligovo railway station
• 21:10 - 21:40 Opposite 1, KIMa prospect, near Smolenskoye cemetery
• 22:30 - 23:00 metro station Lesnaya (opposite Kantemirovskaya St., 37)

Operation costs of the Night bus

To feed one person

102 rubles

One day

16 380 rubles

One month

337 148 rubles

One year

4 045 775 rubles

Project statistics in 2022

For one night the bus feeds

150-200 people

In 2022 volunteers handed out

16 875 meals

In 2022 project assistance received

1163 people

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