Layouts of the homeless

The famous “courtyard-wells” of St. Petersburg through the eyes of homeless people

Layouts of the homeless

Планировка бездомного
Posters show the perspectives from the “courtyard-wells” that are familiar to residents of St. Petersburg, but with additional drawn on lines resembling apartment layouts. They feature the following texts: “A layout that is not chosen”, “A layout which you want to escape”, “A layout in which you are scared to live”.

The idea behind the advert is that living on the street constitutes a difficult period in the life of someone who is in distress. It is almost impossible to escape this trap without help. The posters from the advertising campaign “Layouts of the homeless” are placed on the street of St. Petersburg.

“We are very glad to help Nochlezhka in drawing the attention of the residents of our city to such an important and urgent problem as homelessness. In our opinion, this campaign turned out to be very much in the style of St. Petersburg and we hope that it leaves nobody indifferent” says Vyacheslav Nabokov, creative director of the agency Kollegi.

“When hearing about homeless people, it is often things such as: “It’s their own fault”, “It’s their choice”, “Aren’t there other causes you can help?”. Unfortunately, societal stereotypes persist, according to which homelessness is not considered as a situation of distress for an individual, but rather as their attribute or identity.

From our own experience we know that homeless people want to escape the terrible life on the streets, but also that it is almost impossible to do that on their own. That is why it is so important that there are more projects to help homeless people in our country, whether they be state-sponsored, charitable, or religious” says Grigory Sverdlin, chair of the charity Nochlezhka.


Концепцию и дизайн кампании для Ночлежки бесплатно разработало креативное агентство Kollegi.

Плакаты «Планировка» на своих площадках бесплатно разместило агентство Реклама-Центр и Poster.

Кампания получила следующие награды:

- третье место премии Большая рыба в номинации outdoor;

- первое место в категории Print & Publishing и второе место в категории Out of Home на международном фестивале Ad Black Sea;

- второе место в категории Socially-oriented print на фестивале White Square;

- третье место в категории PRINT & OUTDOOR на конкурсе ADCR Awards.

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