Karina Garinova

Employee's information

Karina on working for Nochlezhka   

I think my arrival at Nochlezhka was just meant to happen: so many decisions and coincidences, someone else's words and my reflections – everything came together and brought me to this dream job. I think, had it not happened over the summer, it would have eventually happened the following autumn, winter or spring…

I like talking to people and listening to their responses to my questions. I read, go to the theatre and travel a lot, gradually shaping my idea of the world. I enjoy collecting and combining information. I think living some sort of an indefinite experience is what I see as my main ambition. 

I am also a member of ‘Vesna’, a youth democratic movement. I participate in a human rights project for school children run by Anne Frank’s House and I sort my recycling. 

I am learning to have a broader view of the world. 
Volunteers — common people,
who devote part of their spare time to helping those in need